Mygdo Keelish

A former adventurer, his nerves are shot


Mygdo Keelish was once a horseman of the Death Wind Steppes, a fearsome warrior and one who feared nothing. He and his companions came to loot the tombs of the Barrowmaze 13 years ago, and only Keelish survived.

He now lives in a shack by the river, catching fish and frogs and doing a bit of trade as a guide from time to time. He’s a proud man and still able to fight, but he can’t shake the horror of what he’s seen.

Mygdo has a son, Myndor, by Livia Frake. The boy mostly lives with his mother, who left Mygdo not long after the lad was born, unable to cope with Mygdo’s peculiarities.

Mygdo Keelish

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