Olak Frake

Proprietor of The Bristlenose


Burly and bald, with a huge bushy mustache that he is inordinately proud of. He owns The Bristlenose, a public house in Slowbrook. He prides himself on his mudbug soup (“Gran’s secret recipe”) and his connections all over the Helbend. Frake always knows what’s going on and who’s in the area.

He is resentful about the arrival of Lord Rana and his Water City patrons. He doesn’t mind the influx of money and travelers, except that the Water folk are sucking up all the business for themselves, and he’s SURE that Lord Rana is just waiting until he’s got the castle fixed up to impose taxes on him and his neighbors. If Olak were around here and now, he’d totally have a MAGA cap. Despite this, he is a generous, friendly, and basically decent man.

Olak Frake

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