Feeble of body, but filled with the might of the elements


Silas was born among the Dreadfleet, one of the most feared of the pirate fleets of the Reaper’s Sea. Allied with the Lich King of the Island of Skulls, they seize the folk of the coasts and the crews of rival fleets as slaves and test-subjects for the necromancers of that dreaded land. Small and sickly since birth, it is doubtful that Silas would have survived were it not for his innate magical gifts.

However, Silas was repelled by the dark sorceries of his own people, and still more so by the undead wizards who would likely have been his tutors. He was fortunate indeed that his gift lay in attuning to the Dragon Lines. His people entrusted him to their allies in the CIty of Water, hoping that he would one day return to the Dreadfleet as a stormseer.

Silas advanced quickly in his studies, and was accepted as a scribe in the Great Library where he learned much of the powers of the Elemental Sea and the desires of its Lords. He enjoyed life among the happy and prosperous people of the Four Cities, but it was clear to him that all this came at a cost – the ritual wars and bloody sacrifices demanded by the Elemental Lords. One day, he could stand no more of it. Renouncing his oaths to both the Water Temple and his own people, he fled the Library with the aid of his bodyguard VIdar.


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