We live in a cursed age. The sun gutters and flares, sick with flame – how long until it goes out, leaving us freezing in the haunted dark? The stars draw ever closer, and every night it seems another one winks at us in the darkened sky, a promise of horror to come. No saint, no gods will save us. They are all lies and false hopes. Across the lands of Aegos, men live in bondage and squalor. Truly, these are dark times.

So why not rip the meat from life, and drink deep of the moments we have? In times such as these, only glory and gold are worth having, and only the boldest dare seize them.

Come with me, you reavers and scum! Leave your drinking and vice and gird up with sword and mail. I know a place where power and wealth undreamed of lie for the taking…. If you dare. In the swamps of Helmire south of the Jagmani Jungles, the ancient lords of Gaxx laid their kings to rest. We will defy their curses and their traps, and we will strike down any wretch who stands between us and our goal.

We will go… to the Barrowmaze.