Character Creation

Creating & Introducing Characters

Promoted NPCs

  • A player may choose to promote a Retainer or Hireling to PC.
  • Such PCs

    • Former Hirelings: Begin at Level 1 unless the CK rules otherwise.
    • Former Retainers: Begin at ½ (round down, minimum 1) the highest level PC currently active.
    • Have whatever equipment they are noted as having plus 2d6x10 gp.
    • Begin with the ability scores already generated for them by the CK.
    • Are of a class assigned by the CK.
    • Have Life Events assigned by the CK.
    • May have non-standard skills, background abilities, and other abilities as assigned by the CK.
    • Begin wherever that NPC was stationed.

New PCs

Procedure for New Character Creation

  1. Roll 18d6 and assign to ability scores
  2. Choose Class
  3. Roll Life Events
  4. Choose starting Spells, Arts, and other class options
  5. Roll for starting gold
  6. Purchase equipment (at default prices)
  7. Finishing touches

Character Creation

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