Tests of Luck

  • Roll 2d6. If the result is <= your current Luck, you are Lucky. If not, you are Unlucky.
  • Spend 1 Luck when a Test of Luck is successful.
  • Luck is regained at a rate of 1 point every hour by resting. (No special circumstances required).
  • Luck is fully regained at the end of an adventure, upon returning to a Place of Refuge.

Luck can be used to do all sorts of things, including:

  • Keep a cast spell
  • Do maximum damage with an attack
  • Negate a failed Skill Test or Sanity Test
  • Work as a "Saving Throw" against various ill effects

Tests of Skill

  • Roll 1d20, target is equal to or greater than the character’s Skill rating.
  • Typically involves one of the character’s Ability scores, applying the associated modifier, e.g. a Test of Constitution to resist a poison or disease, a Test of Intelligence to understand a code.
  • Modifiers to the roll will be imposed by task circumstances and difficulty, although normally not more than +/- 5.
  • If you have a Skill Bonus or some relevant background, the CK may allow an automatic success or may give a bonus to the test.

Tests of Sanity

When forced to make a Sanity Test, the character must Test Their Luck. Characters without Luck who are forced to make a Sanity Test automatically fail.

  • If the character is Unlucky, they lose 1d6 points of Sanity. This amount may be different for more or less horrific triggers, but 1d6 is the default.
  • If the character is Lucky, there is no further effect beyond the normal cost of 1 Luck.

If Sanity reaches 0, the character has gone Temporarily Insane. They lose control of their behavior and must act as the CK directs. This lasts until they have recovered to at least 1 Sanity.

If the character would lose additional Sanity while Temporarily Insane, they lose 1 point of permanent Wisdom instead and must Test Their Luck to avoid falling into an unconscious state as their mind shuts down to protect itself.

Lost Sanity is recovered at the rate of 1 point per day of complete rest. A character who is resting “at ease” may instead recover 2 points per day.

A character whose Wisdom reaches 0 is Permanently Insane. They become an NPC under the CK’s control.


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